The Digital Transformation of Enterprise IT Is Underway in Boston

InfoNovus Technologies developed Instant IT to provide a hundred-fold increase in application development productivity, instantly generate custom applications that support customers' unique business operations, and reduce application costs by 60%

Instant IT Enables Operational Agility

Digital disruption is a challenge facing every business today and is a top strategic concern for Boards and C-level executives. The key risk factor is the company's ability to adapt quickly and effectively to disruptive factors. InfoNovus developed Instant IT to simplify the operational business design of work in situations requiring operational change and automation.

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Instant IT Automates Business App Dev

Digital transformation begins with transforming the way that IT develops business applications. IT is 'instant' when a complete custom business application is delivered within minutes, uses best-in-class technologies, and significantly reduces application TCO. InfoNovus Instant IT also provides process and application management, governance, and control.

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Instant IT Reduces IT Complexity

It's no secret that legacy IT is incredibly complex. Having evolved over time, this has created an IT responsible for a hodge-podge of dozens of technologies, hundreds of applications, thousands of analytics, and redundant and inconsistent data and rules. Instant IT is built for the digital age, providing unified data and rules, cloud operations, and no technology lock-in.

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