In my previous post, I discussed why Instant IT® is a game-changer for enterprise IT: it delivers custom business applications instantly, eliminates core IT problems, and reduces the total cost of ownership for business applications by 60%. While this is important for IT, it isn’t the most important aspect of Instant IT.

After all, transforming enterprise IT is necessary but the real game-changer is to digitally transform the business. Why? Because the business’s need for transformation is to support the exact way the business operates. What is great about Instant IT, over and above the points in my last post, is that it does this while it incorporates best practices for IT simplicity.

The push for IT simplicity and the need for customization of commercial software packages have had conflicting objectives until Instant IT. I addressed this more fully in my post on How to Think About Digital Business Transformation, but the key point here is that business organizations need applications that support the way transformed business operations implement new business processes for advantageous market niches, enhance customer service, and provide other organizational opportunities unique to a business. No commercial software supports operational uniqueness without some level of customization.

IT best practices for commercial software packages, on the other hand, emphasize “the negative impact of bending the package to fit unique requirements” and, as in a recent Wall Street Journal CIO 'The Morning Download', advocate “you don’t customize any of it. Zero customization.” This approach limits the business to the capabilities contained in application packages offered by vendors. This is not an effective solution to digitally transform business operations for competitive differentiation, enhanced operational agility, or increased automation.

Instant IT is the solution for digital business transformations because Instant IT focuses purely on the business design of transformed business operations, how they need to work, and automating all aspects of IT required to computer-generate the application instantly for the business. This means:

  • When a business operation changes due to a strategic initiative, regulation, market opportunity, availability of new technology, or another reason, an Instant IT business design can be revised and a computer-generated application implemented quickly;
  • When IT chooses to change to a better technology platform, with Instant IT existing business applications can be regenerated and their data converted to the new platform;
  • As an example, today Instant IT applications can be generated to use either traditional SQL database technology or to operate completely on Big Data technology that supports both applications and advanced analytics uses of data on a single platform, removing data latency due to data transformation and integration.

Instant IT automates enterprise IT, but it is truly a game-changer for digitally transforming the business. Use Instant IT to transform any business process that needs to become more effective for your business. Check it out at

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