In my previous post I discussed how InfoNovus’s Instant IT can digitally transform IT so it is able to deliver operational outcomes the business needs. The digital transformation of IT with Instant IT is desirable but does it measure up to the criteria for digital transformation (see The Biggest Obstacle to Digital Transformation): improve the customer’s experience (in this case, the business’s experience with IT); develop operationally agile (IT) operations; and reduce costs?

The answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’

Instant IT improves the business’s experience with IT: Instant IT supports the exact way the business needs to operate, provides operational business applications instantly that provide immediate business benefits, and supports applications without any IT issues regarding resources, time requirements, or technical skills. In fact, IT applications can be ready before operations staff are trained on the transformed business process, its new way of performing work, and its application.

Instant IT develops operationally agile IT operations: Instant IT computer-generated applications eliminate the issues of insufficient IT resources; and speed of application delivery because IT resources are not required and an application is delivered instantly, in a Docker container, once a Business Design is approved. In addition, the Instant IT® Business Design Manager, InfoNovus’s completely automated SaaS technology, is unified: adding new applications or capabilities can reuse data, rules, and other Business Design objects without duplicating them. This makes IT agile and simplifies IT complexity.

Instant IT reduces IT costs dramatically: The benefit of Instant IT computer-generated applications is that IT productivity increases a hundredfold. Costs for Instant IT Business Designs and applications are measured using standards set by ISO/IEC 14143-1:2007 and 19761:2011 called COSMIC Function Points. Instant IT eliminates software costs based on server capacity, data volumes, or number of users. Instant IT costs are solely based on the amount of application software you require to run your business.

Two different methods of costs can be an ‘apples to oranges’ comparison. Fortunately, there are studies using ISO/IEC 14143-1:2007 and 19761:2011 standards, which describe how to measure software function delivered to users, that have determined the cost per function point. Based on these studies, Instant IT reduces the cost of business application software by 60%.

There are other benefits as well. The SIM IT Trends study is produced every year and since 2016 Instant IT nine of the top ten management concerns with IT can be solved with Instant IT.

Instant IT is truly a game-changer for enterprise IT departments and their business partners.

My next blog will address how Instant IT enables the digital transformation of business.

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