Today I want to address how InfoNovus’s Instant IT can digitally transform IT so it is able to deliver operational outcomes the business needs. In my previous post I identified four core IT challenges that need to be solved: business requirements; insufficient IT resources; speed of application delivery; and IT complexity.

The first challenge to solve is business requirements. Consistently, the number one reason for project issues is problems that stem from business requirements. Application business requirements lack rigor and operational accuracy, which are needed to support how the transformed business needs to work.

 “Poor requirements practices alone can doom any application development initiativeNo matter how well architected, well-constructed, or well-tested an application might be, it is essentially useless if it fails to meet business needs” (Forrester). A transformed IT must begin with business requirements that focus on business operations rather than application capabilities.

The business needs applications that support the exact way the business wants to work (Measure: yes, the application supports the exact way the business needs to work, or no, it doesn’t). Transformed business outcomes must have business requirements that reflect the specific way the transformed business will operate. A rigorous, technology-driven approach to specifying such operationally accurate business requirements is needed.

InfoNovus does this with our Instant IT® Business Design Manager. Our approach begins with aspects that make a business unique: its organization chart, process workflows, data, rules, classifications and hierarchies, user interfaces, formats, and more.

InfoNovus captures business requirements as a Business Design. The Instant IT® Business Design Manager is completely automated SaaS technology that provides several distinct benefits:

  • Validation – Business Designs are validated for completeness and consistency
  • Governance – Business Designs support governance of processes, data, and rules
  • Control – Authorization over processes, who can perform Business Designs or elements of them, collaborate on governance, approve Business Designs, and more
  • Measurement – The size of the application specified by the Business Design is provided using standards set by ISO/IEC 14143-1:2007 and 19761:2011
  • Instant IT® Computer-generated Applications – The ability to instantly generate a complete business application for the approved Business Design

Instant IT computer-generated applications eliminate the issues of insufficient IT resources; and speed of application delivery because IT resources are not required and an application is delivered instantly, in a Docker container, once a Business Design is approved.

In addition, IT complexity is reduced because a Business Design can be implemented on a client’s technology of choice. Today, Instant IT applications run on SQL and Hadoop-based data platforms running on Linux. When a better technology comes along, simply use Instant IT to regenerate the application for the new platform.

As I noted in my last post, a transformed IT will be an automated IT that will use a metric other than effort hours to drive costs. Costs for Instant IT Business Designs and applications are measured in ISO standard COSMIC Function Points. Instant IT eliminates software costs based on server capacity, data volumes, or number of users. Instant IT costs are solely based on the amount of application software you require to run your business.

With automation, self-driving cars are coming, and with InfoNovus’s Instant IT, automated application development is here.

My next blog will address why Instant IT is a game changer for Enterprise IT.

Future blogs will dive more deeply into IT, digital transformation, Instant IT, and more. Let us know if you would like to receive email notifications of future blog entries and more from InfoNovus.

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