Instant IT uses a complete and consistent process to generate a business application and its database schema. No system architecture, database schema, program specifications, or other technical artifacts are developed or required for InfoNovus’s computer-generated Instant IT® Application Software.

Instant IT Business Design is a rigorous method for capturing operational Business Designs, eliminating problems associated with translating business needs into application software. Business Designs are captured as business metadata. Once a Business Design is finished, validated, and approved, the process for generating an application can begin.

First, the business metadata is analyzed to identify the application’s data objects, their relationships, the access paths used to retrieve data, and more. This understanding is used to design physical data structures for the application. Instant IT applications can run on a selection of relational databases as well as on high-performing Hadoop-based NoSQL platforms.

The pain that comes from the dollars and delays for acquiring and installing business software has finally been ameliorated. Instant IT computer-generated applications deliver:

  • the exact application software needed to support the business, no more, no less;
  • easy implementation with no need for system integration or application specialists;
  • no application upgrades, only new or revised business designs;
  • application software that is easy to adapt to new business needs or to incorporate into additional business designs.

Instant IT computer-generated applications make it possible for iterative refinements to be developed, prototyped, and validated quickly. It is easy to adapt a business design to incorporate new business requirements. This is more than using a computer to generate application software; it is an essential ingredient for business success. Instant IT computer-generated applications provide business agility by allowing the business to:

  • create or change a business design as needed and have its software generated and implemented instantaneously with no IT impact or delay;
  • get application software that matches its business design exactly;
  • share data and software components with other business designs easily; and
  • not need IT professionals to ‘care for or feed’ application software.

Instant IT computer-generated applications change the mission of Enterprise IT so IT can:

  • add business value by identifying and pursuing opportunities for improving and enhancing business process performance;
  • add business value by providing business design standards, controls, and compliance for business data, rules, processes, and management;
  • add business value by reducing the resources required for platform management, performance management, application support, data center and network management, and disaster recovery

Instant IT computer-generated applications help the business focus on its mission, markets, and objectives and makes IT a source of innovation rather than just a cost center.