Business Design is the active process of designing a business operation to achieve business goals and objectives.  Traditional management tools like an organization chart and MBOs have addressed the people aspect of business; however, the process for addressing and organizing work activities is piecemeal within business units and departments, creating gaps in cross-functional processes.

Further, work activities and gaps become inflexible once they are instituted in an IT application such as those that support enterprise resource planning, customer service, or supply chain and logistics management.  Because these applications are made by programmers, they are hand-crafted and making changes to them is costly and time consuming.  It’s no wonder business agility is a challenge.

Business agility requires the ability to design the way a business operates, that is its business activities and how they are to be performed, and generate—not program—a business application from the business design.

Critical elements of a company’s enterprise strategy, business design and operations, information management, and technology platforms are essential elements for actively designing an agile business:

InfoNovus’s Instant IT® Business Design Manager does this.  It is an Internet-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology you use to:

  • capture your processes, activities, user interface, data usage, and rules;
  • generate an application; and
  • help you manage quality, compliance, and audits.

This process changes traditional “Software Development” into a true Business Design process with which the business is the central focus of any business design effort:

We do this by:

  • ‘designing’ the business through its processes – we capture operational processes as you want them to be—your business design—using computer technology to gather each process, activity, user interface, data element, business rule, use case, and more, all from a business, not an IT, perspective;
  • validating business designs – we validate business designs, by computer, for completeness and consistency to identify omissions and discrepancies so the business design can be corrected;
  • generating a software prototype – we further confirm your business design by trying it out. We generate a prototype, from your process requirements, in minutes and without IT resources – this allows you to iteratively refine your business design and prototype it until it is right; and
  • eliminating implementation risk – getting a business design right ensures its implementation and supporting application will meet your business needs. Using a business design as a software specification, your IT department or outsourcer can develop the application or, if you like the prototype, deploy it to realize benefits from your business process innovations immediately.

Business agility is the ability to implement innovations and improvements to your strategy, operations, and products quickly and easily. 

To arrange, at your convenience, an on-site demonstration of Instant IT’s Business Design Manager and computer-generated applications, please contact us.