Instant IT is a platform for designing, automating, and managing operational Business Designs. It generates complete working applications. It allows business processes to be designed and redesigned as needed. It makes it easy to change or regenerate business applications.

With Instant IT management, governance, and operational control, IT can work to eliminate IT complexity and avoid the chaotic characteristics of its legacy IT environment.

Instant IT Management

Business Design Manager is the central role for managing Business Design activity. This role assigns business processes to be designed, Business Designers to design the processes, and Governance Collaborators to review, comment on, and approve processes, data, and rules. Each assignment is also tailored with permissions to align the capabilities and focus of each person involved with a Business Design to their specializations.



The process of governance is based on establishing an enterprise business perspective on things like names (of data, rules, processes, and so forth), descriptions, definitions, and other content. The Governance Collaborator role is supported by Instant IT Governance which shows for review the objects being governed and comments made about them, provide comments on how it needs to be improved, and approve the version that evolves.


Operational Control

The Operations Manager specifies the database technology to use, reviews the application’s performance and assigns business users to use the application. User assignments are based on each worker’s organization unit and the user’s assigned process actions. This provides a personalized menu presenting only permitted actions for each person using the application and prevents access to unauthorized business process and actions.