Instant IT is the substantiation of InfoNovus’s mission: We make IT automatic®. InfoNovus adopted three principles that Instant IT needed to satisfy. These are:

  • Instant IT must deliver business applications that support the exact way the business wants to work
  • Instant IT must deliver easy-to-implement applications with a low total cost of ownership and fast ROI
  • Instant IT applications will use technologies that provide less IT complexity and simpler IT operations

These were challenging principles for Instant IT to fulfill. It required InfoNovus to solve three key problems in order to develop Instant IT.

FIRST PROBLEM: Capturing Business Requirements

Gathering business requirements effectively has been the most problematic aspect of delivering effective business applications. Of all the issues associated with project development and management, problems with business requirements rank at the top.

The need for a disciplined, complete, and rigorous approach to gathering business requirements is clear.  Requirements are typically documented using Word or Excel so business people can review and approve them. All technical artifacts such as the system architecture, database schema, and program specifications are “translated” from the business requirements. The problem is one of multiple translations, each concerned about its technical domain more than the business.

The InfoNovus computer-aided Business Design process provides unparalleled rigor in defining business process improvements, activities, data, rules, and use cases—all elements needed for rigorous business requirements—that InfoNovus can validate for completeness and consistency.

SECOND PROBLEM: Computer-generating Complete Applications

Because the time between completing a Business Design and using its application software is reduced from months to minutes, a Business Design can be tested for correctness instantaneously. This means that the cost of trying something new is negligible because making refinements and corrections to a business design is straightforward and requires no technical or IT staff to perform.

InfoNovus computer-generated applications can be treated as a prototype to validate the operational flow of your business design before proceeding to develop it. You can also generate a document of the specification for the business design and application as well.

THIRD PROBLEM: Supporting Management, Governance, and Operational Control

Management: A technology as powerful as InfoNovus’s Instant IT requires management. Because a Business Design is built around a business process and the operational actions performed, managing authorizations, approvals, and standards is essential so processes can be controlled. Business Designs also need to be validated for completeness and consistency. Management oversight is an essential ingredient for success.

Governance: Legacy IT applications are riddled with inconsistent data and rules. This has created post-application work in the form of technical data quality efforts and data and IT governance processes. With InfoNovus’s computer-aided Business Design, data and rules specifications are determined before applications are generated. Governance collaboration is the second essential ingredient for success.

Operational Control: There are three critical elements to operational control. First, as described above, is control of the operational Business Designs to be developed. Second is control of the application generation process for user acceptance, data platform selection, and implementation. Third is control over access to the implemented application and its operational actions. Operational control is the third essential ingredient for success.


Capturing Business Requirements with the InfoNovus Business Design Manager

The Business Design Manager is a rigorous way to capture business requirements digitally. It captures all essential aspects of a business process, including its operational actions, user interface and content needed, data, rules, and more. It also can validate Business Designs, generate complete detailed specification documents, and measure the application using an ISO standard that measures size in terms of the functions required by the user.

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Computer-generating Complete Custom Applications with InfoNovus App Gen

Once a Business Design is finished, validated for completeness and accuracy, and approved, it is ready to have its application generated. The application generation process analyzes the business design to determine the database schema that best supports the application and the optimal structure of the application for an elastic, cloud-based application. As part of this process, clients select their desired data platform and cloud provider.

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Supporting Management, Governance, and Operational Control

The Business Design Manager essential management, governance, and operational control functions include: authorizing business processes to be designed; assigning personnel to design each process; governance collaborators who will review, comment on, and accept each process, data element, and rule; generating and accepting the Instant IT application; and assigning business users to use the application to perform their operational work.

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