IT has, for more than 50 years, provided great value to companies’ business operations. It is difficult to imagine doing business without the technology advances of the last couple of decades. This has come at a cost, namely the complexity of legacy systems. As CIO Magazine reports, “Complexity is the sand that grinds all innovation to a halt.” Which is why Forbes states that the biggest obstacle to digital transformation is legacy IT.

InfoNovus was founded to provide a better way for IT to operate, in effect moving from a labor-based method of application development to an automated one. The productivity that Instant IT provides means that IT departments can:

  • focus on and optimize their company’s business operations;
  • reinvent legacy systems to reduce IT complexity and simplify business operations;
  • lower IT costs dramatically; and
  • have ‘IT solutions delivered instantly®’ to their data center or in the cloud.

Because of the power of the InfoNovus platform, we recommend using Instant IT for strategic purposes like transforming business operations and / or replacing high-cost applications.

Examples of the strategic use of Instant IT include:

  • Business Transformation: While business transformation requires IT to transform itself first, Instant IT begins with Business Design. Therefore, it makes sense to transform IT as part of transforming the business. This will provide the basis for a new working relationship between IT and the business focused on operational business alignment.
  • Legacy System Reinvention: Core legacy systems are critical to a company’s operations and, in many cases, have supported the business for decades. Making them usable for digital business is an uncertain proposition. It can benefit the business to reinvent them so they operate as needed today and provide flexibility to easily adapt for tomorrow.
  • Applications for Multiple Legal Entities: International operations are complex with each jurisdiction having unique regulations, reporting requirements, and other operational constraints. Instant IT Business Design supports complex business structures, providing each legal entity the ability to develop their own unique Business Designs. Also provided are support for coordinating common business processes, information sharing, and governance across legal entities.

Over time, client stories and use cases will be added to increase the range of solution ideas. If you would like advice on how Instant IT solutions fit your needs, do not hesitate to contact us.