Executives are told their company must transform or die, even as “it remains unclear what ‘digital transformation’ means” (Forrester). Studies have shown that Boards and C-level executives see risks of disruptive innovations as their top strategic concerns for 2018.

A key concern is the ability of the organization to adapt responsively to digital disruptions. In some ways, this is the current version of operationally agility. Put simply, operational agility means that work processes, the actions taken to perform them, and the technology that enables them can be quickly and easily adapted to support new ways of operating required by the business environment.

At the heart of digital transformation is the principle that every company must use technology to quickly improve their customer experience, develop operationally agile business operations, and reduce costs or risk being open to a digital disruption.

A digital disruption occurs when a market is upended by a new market entrant with an innovative business model (Airbnb, Uber) and/or a marketing method (E-insurance, Progressive) that changes what a customer expects her experience in the market to be. The potential for reshaped customer expectations is a threat because customers don’t care how difficult it is to adapt business operations to meet their changed expectations. Customers want to engage the way they prefer.

The biggest obstacle to transformation is legacy IT (Forbes). Rather than addressing business agility needs, technology vendors “remain fixated on delivering cutting-edge technology” (InformationWeek, link not available). As a result, IT complexity increases with each new application or technology, this complexity impairs IT’s ability to produce solutions quickly and easily, and business agility waits for IT to deliver.

A new way of supporting the business and its unique operational requirements is needed. InfoNovus was founded to develop this new way of supporting business operations with technology. We do this with Instant IT.

Instant IT provides operational business applications instantly that enable agile business operations and digital transformations. Instant IT computer-generated custom applications:

  • Support the exact way the business needs to operate to support the company’s products, markets, organization structure, and operational processes
  • ‘IT solutions delivered instantly®’ provide immediate business benefits with instant application implementation, inexpensive operation, and fast ROI
  • Provide application support without any IT issues regarding resources, time requirements, or technical skills

InfoNovus Instant IT provides technology solutions that support the exact way the business needs to operate, provide immediate business benefits, and eliminate IT resource, time, and skills issues. InfoNovus simplifies, accelerates, and operationalizes support of business and digital transformations.

For more on InfoNovus and Instant IT, please visit us at www.infonovus.com.

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