Put simply, InfoNovus helps customers be operationally agile. We do this by providing technology that allows a business to reshape their business operations the exact way they need them to be.

Existing businesses are under threat from new entrants that can enter the market without the constraint of an existing operational infrastructure. The threat comes from a competitor introducing new ways of serving, attracting, and retaining customers. Whether a company is introducing or responding to a new way of operating, operational agility is required. After all, customers don’t care about the state of a company’s internal processes and operational systems. They simply want attractive products delivered with fast and effective service.

The biggest obstacle to operational agility and digital transformation, as Forbes has reported, is legacy IT. Because established companies are constrained by their legacy applications, technologies, and IT processes, digital transformation of IT is the first step toward achieving agility in business operations.

Operational Agility Sets New Demands on IT

The criteria for operational agility are straightforward. First, the design of the operational business process must work the way the business wants to operate. Second, IT business applications must support the way the business works. Finally, the business application must be easy to implement, have a low total cost of ownership, and provide fast ROI.

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Operational Agility Requires Automated IT

The only way IT can support agile operations is to become automated. This means that IT understands operational business requirements consistently, completely, and correctly. A fundamental change in the way that IT operates is required, beginning with the way operational business requirements are gathered and managed.

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The InfoNovus Difference

The InfoNovus mission is straightforward: We make IT automatic®. Our goal is to produce zero-defect, high-performing, application software instantaneously for customers’ business operations, products, and devices. We do this by computer-generating custom business applications designed to meet the specific needs of each individual customer.

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