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Companies Need IT Automation To Become Agile Digital Businesses

Companies need a faster way to initiate, operationalize, and manage the applications, systems, and technologies they rely on for business operations, particularly as new technologies emerge. 

Companies today are are challenged by:

  • Threats of disruption to markets and business models;
  • The ability of their organizations to adapt quickly when needed; and
  • Costs, resources, and time required to identify and deploy digital solutions to support transformed operations.


Executives’ Concerns Show Why IT Obstacles Need To Be Eliminated

Legacy IT is too complex to easily adapt to new business demands, digital or otherwise, or support operational agility and flexibility companies need. IT is an impediment to digital business transformations. Executives regularly face decisions about how to adapt to changing market conditions. Enhancing success rates and competitive positions in the market – and preparing for the threat of new entrants and competitors using technologies that disrupt their ability to do so – are concerns for most top executives.

InfoNovus Technologies has developed a patented, innovative technology we call Instant IT that delivers business applications instantly, provides immediate business benefits, increases IT productivity by 10,000%, and reduces application costs by 60%. 

See Instant IT's Business Value for more information about the data and research behind these results.

InfoNovus, a new technology company that has reinvented application software management, automates IT to provide applications that support the way a company's business serves its customers, markets, and stakeholders. 

The reality of digital transformation: “Digital’s Biggest Obstacle: Legacy IT” (Forbes)

Executive concerns vary but all show a need for IT to become responsive and agile. 

A major concern for CEOs and CFOs is the risk of a competitor emerging with a technology-driven product or service that disrupts the market and threatens the company. There are two critical aspects behind this challenge:

  • First is the recognition that new, disruptive business models are a virtual certainty, which drives the need to reinvent the business before disruption happens.
  • Second is a desire to enhance the ability of their organization to react quickly or respond effectively when a market or competitive disruption occurs.

CEOs and CFOs need the ability to reinvent how their company operates and apply technology to create their own innovations. This requires building an organizational ability to experiment and adapt quickly to new ways of operating.

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COOs, EVPs, and SVPs recognize that their component operations are the ones that must adapt to new business imperatives. Changing daily operations inevitably becomes difficult and costly when the company must revise or replace legacy systems. Surveys show business executives share a growing lack of confidence in IT organizations to lead or support a business transformation or, for that matter, to transform IT itself.

COOs, EVPs, and SVPs need the ability to readily transform business operations to increase their efficiency and productivity using technology. This requires the ability to redesign business processes rapidly and adapt new ways of operating easily.

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CIOs, CTOs, and CDOs are responsible for the technologies, applications, and data infrastructure that support the business and the way it works. Their main concern is how to respond to the demands for changes in company operations at the speed required, particularly when new technologies require new technical skills. Such changes can be tough to integrate with legacy systems and applications, and may not eliminate existing problems arising from use of inconsistent data and rules.

In order to move at the speed demanded by business executives, CIOs, CTOs, and CDOs need to replace legacy IT's labor-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive approach to supporting the business. This requires a complete and radical transformation of the way IT develops business systems and applications.

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InfoNovus Automates IT With Instant IT For Business and IT Agility

Every effort to apply technology in a business runs into the problem of legacy IT. The need to transform business processes collides with the labor-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive reality of legacy IT. This is why InfoNovus invented Instant IT, our patented technology that makes IT automated, instant, and economical. 

InfoNovus Instant IT is a SaaS offering for designing operational business processes, no matter how unique, and computer-generating the applications to support them, built from the ground up for operating in a distributed cloud environment. 

Learn more about InfoNovus InstantIT

Instant IT

InfoNovus developed Instant IT so companies can design the business operations they want, get applications generated by computer instantly, and manage, govern, and control business processes, rules, and data. This innovation makes the process of generating business applications instantaneous and reduces IT costs by 60%.

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InfoNovus Technologies

InfoNovus makes IT automatic, transforming the way technology and automation are applied to IT and business operations and enabling executives to transform their businesses, develop product and service innovations, implement new ways of operating, and achieve their goals without having to wrestle with legacy IT issues or delays.

IT Automation Is The Best Way To Create And Sustain An Agile Digital Business

Legacy IT is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive, which limits the possibilities for innovation and change in every business. Use of automation to accelerate work needs to begin with IT itself.

InfoNovus Instant IT eliminates obstacles to business and digital transformations.