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Our Mission: Make IT Business-Driven, Automated, Instant, And Economical

Legacy IT is the biggest obstacle to business agility and digital transformations because existing IT applications, technologies, and processes constrain companies' ability to innovate and accommodate new modes of operation quickly.

Eliminating IT as a barrier to operational agility and digital success is what drives InfoNovus's mission to automate IT.

InfoNovus believes the key to success with digital business is the digital transformation of IT. The reality of legacy IT is that it is too inflexible to respond to the demands of digital business, which change frequently. It is time to replace legacy IT -- the accumulation of the first 50 years of hardware, software, applications, processes and practices for business applications and technologies -- with automated IT.

Instant IT® Business Design is a patented technology that customer companies use to design their improved or transformed business operations to operate the exact ways they want.

From a validated Business Design, an Instant IT® custom business application that supports the business operation specified by the Business Design is computer-generated. InfoNovus’s technology also provides management, governance, and control over Business Designs, generation of applications and analytics, and operation of those applications and analytics.

All of this allows executives to focus on business strategies and objectives without worrying about the time, resources, technologies, or skills IT will require to deliver an operational application solution to the business. InfoNovus is the partner companies need to operate at the speed required by an ever-changing world of digital business.

What We Do

InfoNovus helps companies create the business applications and analytics they need to support the way they want their businesses to operate.

InfoNovus Instant IT delivers custom business applications with no IT delays, provides application benefits immediately, and reduces costs for application development and support significantly.

InfoNovus facilitates operational agility. We do this by helping companies reshape their business operations exactly as needed for their markets, products, services, and customers. Custom application software is promptly delivered as an outcome of a business design, which means a transformed business operation can begin as soon as its design is complete. 

Companies need to adapt and change their operations quickly, which places new demands on IT organizations:

  • The operational business processes must work the way the company wants to operate.
  • IT applications must support the way the business works.
  • Business applications need to be easy to implement, have a low total cost of ownership, and provide a fast return on investment.

InfoNovus Business Design gives companies the ability to design the operations they want and, with Instant IT® computer-generated applications and analytics, get the custom applications needed to support it quickly so the business can realize immediate benefits.

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In four of the last five annual IT Trends Studies by the Society for Information Management (SIM), alignment of IT with the business has been the top concern (it was second to security/cybersecurity/privacy in the SIM Fall 2018 IT Trends Study). Driven by issues like cost reductions, innovation, digital transformation, and flexibility, IT is under more and more pressure to align with the business for their operational and transformation needs at the speed the business requires.

InfoNovus Business Design is completely focused on the operational needs of the business and, along with Instant IT® computer-generated applications, eliminates the typical constraints of time, resources, technologies, or skills that go along with legacy IT.

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InfoNovus Instant IT® Business Design aligns IT with the business and enables business transformations by automating and transforming IT. Instant IT automates IT application development and deployment work, which means IT no longer will be an obstacle to satisfying new business requirements but will be a key driver of transformation by providing applications that support revised business operations instantly. 

Business transformation is accomplished by rethinking and laying out a new way of operating with Instant IT® Business Design. With Instant IT® automated application development, IT delivers business applications for new business operations instantly.

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In addition to business design and instant, ready-to-use applications, InfoNovus Instant IT solves core IT problems and provides IT management, control, governance, audit, and more, including support for multi-legal entity operations, as seen in the figure below.

The InfoNovus® mission is to automate IT so it can be business-driven, instantaneous, and economical.

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Our mission to make IT automatic is the drive behind Instant IT® automation. Our patented technology automates custom application development, increases IT productivity by 10,000%, and reduces application costs by 60%.

See Instant IT's Business Value for more information about the data and research behind these results.

InfoNovus helps companies overcome IT and digital challenges to business agility.