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Characteristics Of Successful Business And Digital Transformations

Transformed organizations exhibit characteristics that show they intend to operate as digital businesses while they improve their core business operations.

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Transformed organizations respond readily to new business challenges and opportunities.

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Agile companies adapt business operations and work to meet new business demands quickly.

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Data, rules, and analytics are embedded into work processes to actualize digital transformations.

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Process automation, AI, and other transformative technologies run on data, rules, and advanced analytics.

Obstacles That Challenge Business And Digital Transformation Efforts

Undertaking a business transformation is challenging and a digital transformation even more so.  A recent study by Bain found that only one in twenty digital transformations achieve or exceed expected results.  According to Bain, the overwhelming majority of transformations resulted in dilution of value and mediocre performance.

"Why 84% Of Companies Fail At Digital Transformation" (Forbes)

According to Forbes, having a digital strategy and investing in technology isn’t enough for a successful digital transformation – organizational behaviors need to change as well. Technology-driven change makes business and digital transformations imperative, even when they are difficult to achieve. Transforming an organization requires working through both operational behavior and technology obstacles for success.

Business-related Transformation Obstacles

Reinventing a business without disrupting current operations is difficult. Leaders set strategic goals that require business units to change their operations to achieve these desired goals, but most are not agile enough to do this without help. InfoNovus Instant IT® Business Design helps make business operations agile and, when technology is involved, easier.

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Independent organizational silos and the applications they use for daily work make translating a strategy into operational changes all but impossible. InfoNovus business design creates collaboration and consistency throughout the company to overcome this division and prepare for the demands of digital business.

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A critical executive problem is the cost of developing a new way of doing business. The current business consists of silos, operations, and legacy IT systems that require funding and new systems to develop and deploy an operational transformation. InfoNovus Instant IT® computer-generated applications lower the IT costs of such transformation efforts by 60%.

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Technology-related Transformation Obstacles

The biggest technology barrier to any transformation effort is Legacy IT and its hodge-podge of applications and technologies that have been developed or acquired to support the business. Legacy IT is labor intensive, time-consuming, and expensive. As it is today, IT is too complex to be able to support business or digital transformations.

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IT organizations spend most of their time supporting the complex hodge-podge of legacy applications. Business and IT leaders need to develop a common understanding of desired features in the context of company goals, legacy systems, and budgets. InfoNovus helps IT organizations collaborate with operational leaders on their business needs rather than being constrained by legacy IT.

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Every legacy system – and companies have hundreds, even thousands of them – require technical skills to implement and support. Adding a new technology increases the demand for technical skills. InfoNovus Instant IT® computer-generated applications eliminate the need for new technical skills.

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InfoNovus Instant IT makes it easier to overcome business and technical obstacles that hamper transformation efforts and helps IT move as fast as the business demands.

Transformed Organizations Are Driven To Become Better And Faster

Organizations transform themselves to better prepare to operate, and be competitive, in digital business. This positions them to take advantage of digital and disruptive opportunities.

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation applies digital technologies to reshape organizations, automate work and operations, and ensure the digital world accurately represents the physical one.

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Digital Disruption

Disruption occurs when new technologies and/or business models affect a company’s value proposition for its products and services. Most companies would rather be the disruptors than the ones disrupted.

InfoNovus Instant IT Overcomes Obstacles To Digital Transformations

Transforming an organization is hard work. Replacing today’s standard operating procedures with a new way of working is a big job. Fortunately, InfoNovus Instant IT makes the transformation process clear and its obstacles manageable.

InfoNovus helps companies transform themselves to be better, faster, and agile.