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Plan For Digital Business Success

Digital businesses look for opportunities to improve efficiency and productivity, offer digital products and services, and advance their competitive positioning.

Success requires planning and deploying digital solutions quickly.

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Reimagine the business, strengthen its core, add new offerings, and design how it will operate digitally.

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Set goals for using technology to improve productivity, customer experience, and use of automation.

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Mobile, cloud, APIs, Internet of Things, and analytics are core technologies of digital business.

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Machine learning, deep learning, and AI are being used in digital businesses now and in the future.

Keys To Becoming A Successful Digital Business

Technology is a foundational component of digital business as companies use automation to respond to the pace of change. InfoNovus accelerates digital business with IT automation and a new kind of digital and technology management for long-term success.

There are business and technology keys to successful digital transformations. They are all supported by InfoNovus Instant IT, making digital success achievable. 

Digital transformations are difficult. Established companies often believe it is easier for new entrants to a market to get going quickly without operational and technical baggage that burdens older companies. On the other hand, success stories are showing that some companies have been able to add digital features to their products and services to transform their businesses.

Business-Related Keys To Digital Business Success

Reinventing a business model without disrupting current operations is a difficult balance. Leaders need to select strategic goals and objectives and carefully try them out as an experiment to see whether operational benefits can be achieved. InfoNovus makes operational experimentation easy with Instant IT® Business Design.

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Independent organizational silos and the legacy IT that supports each of them make it all but impossible to translate a new business goal into how the company needs to operate and perform work for digital success. Instant IT® Business Design and Instant IT® computer-generated applications and analytics are the way to create collaboration and overcome this challenge.

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A critical executive problem is funding the development of a transformed way of doing business. This is aggravated by the funding requirements of the current business, organizational silos and their operations, and legacy IT. InfoNovus Instant IT significantly cuts the costs of applications, IT, and transformations by making it faster and easier to change process designs when necessary.

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Technology-Related Keys To Digital Business Success

When a company rethinks how it operates as part of a digital business initiative, it finds that the hodge-podge of legacy IT applications and systems use inconsistent data and rules. Digital business requires operational consistency that can best be provided by managing, governing, and controlling the company's processes, data, and rules. InfoNovus Instant IT® management, control, and governance capabilities ensure all use of data and rules is consistent throughout all Instant IT® applications. 

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Every legacy system – and businesses have hundreds, even thousands of them – requires staff with technical skills to implement and support it. Technology lock-in occurs because legacy IT applications and systems only operate on technologies on which they were built. InfoNovus Instant IT® Business Designs avoid technology lock-in because computer-generated applications can be produced quickly whenever changes are needed.

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Legacy IT applications and systems are labor-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive. The problems endemic to legacy IT force an urgency on simplifying its complex assemblage of hardware and software. Business-IT collaboration with legacy IT means trying to develop desired digital features with the constraints of resources required to integrate with and change existing applications and systems. InfoNovus helps IT organizations collaborate with business leaders on operational goals and work processes in order to use Instant IT® automation to get new solutions delivered promptly.

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Instant IT® Automation Helps Create Dynamic Digital Businesses

When companies go digital, they become more flexible and able to adapt to new opportunities and challenges quickly. InfoNovus Instant IT replaces labor-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive legacy IT with IT that is automated, instant, and economical.

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Experiment Quickly

A successful digital business needs to innovate with digital automation and complete operational experiments without disrupting the business. InfoNovus Instant IT helps companies try out new technologies and automation, refine experiments iteratively, and adapt operations quickly.

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Become a Disruptor

To be a disruptor requires adapting business models to use digital technologies and operational automation in new and innovative ways for competitive advantages. InfoNovus Instant IT® Business Design and computer-generated applications ensure IT operates as fast as operations need.

Every Company Needs To Become A Dynamic Digital Business

Every company and every industry is or will be affected by digital business demands. Established companies are looking for ways to add digital capabilities to their products and services. Keys to success are clear process designs supported by technology and ready to use for customer service, product development, and business operations.

InfoNovus Instant IT helps companies create digital business success.