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Digital Business Requires Operating At Scale

Customers use mobile applications to interact with businesses at any time of any day. As digital technology enables automation of more business actions, IT systems of record and insight must provide accurate, ready-to-use data.

This operating model differs drastically from the current IT environment of hundreds of application systems operating on non-real time platforms. Non-real time is not what can enable a digital business.

The demands on IT today are being driven by digital transformation.

Operating at scale for digital business requires IT to provide digital services and applications that run on any device, anywhere, and at any time, easily. IT digital services and applications need to include four important characteristics that InfoNovus provides.

InfoNovus Instant IT Generates Enterprise-Scale Digital Solutions

InfoNovus Instant IT delivers enterprise-scale applications that include these characteristics and utilize best-in-class technologies for digital business operations.

Speed to Market

Accelerating delivery of services and applications is essential for success with digital. Enterprise scale solutions provide the ability to respond with new or enhanced digital services and applications as quickly as the business needs to compete.

Flexible Deployment

Digital services and applications operating at scale require optimizing performance and cost. While cloud-based IaaS and PaaS offerings are essential ingredients, the keys to deployment flexibility are containers, APIs, and Kubernetes.

Advanced Analytics / AI

Automated advanced analytics and AI use customer and operational data to develop insights in real time. The challenge for IT is to incorporate advanced analytics and AI into digital services and applications easily, accurately, and quickly.

IT Simplicity

Legacy IT is a labor-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive hodge-podge of services and applications that may not run on any device, anywhere, at any time. Legacy IT cannot be enterprise scale for digital business. Digital enterprise scale needs IT to be simpler.

Instant IT Is The New Enterprise-Scale

The scale of a digital business is measured in speed, flexibility, automation, and operational simplicity. These are the underlying principles of Instant IT.

Legacy IT cannot deliver or operate at the speed a digital business requires. Automation is only part of the solution. The use of today’s leading technologies like containers, Kubernetes, cloud, and edge-to-use data management are important as well. But most critical is avoiding technology lock-in by having the ability to regenerate an existing application to take advantage of new technologies that will emerge in the future.

What InfoNovus Instant IT Can Do For Digital Business And IT

Digital technologies continue to transform businesses and industries at a rapid rate. This provides a great opportunity for IT to provide support to company business units that enables their operational adaptability and digital capabilities.

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IT Transformation

Legacy IT is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive. It limits the possibilities for innovation and change in every business. IT must be transformed and made automated, instant, and economical in order to be of service in a dynamic business environment.

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IT Simplification

The complexity of legacy IT operations has become overwhelming -- so much so, in fact, that for most companies it acts as an obstacle to innovation. Legacy IT cannot meet the demands of companies today. Instant IT is a new way of doing IT work that simplifies IT operations.

Enterprise-Scale Digital Business Demands Automation Of IT

The depth and extent of IT challenges to deliver enterprise-scale digital services and applications drive the need to digitally transform IT, simplify IT, and increase the use of automation in both IT and the business.

InfoNovus Instant IT® applications are enterprise-scale solutions for business.