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Characteristics Of A Transformed IT

Legacy IT is the accumulation of decades of evolving technologies, each additional system or application requiring people to create, enhance, and maintain it. This approach to IT cannot be improved; it must be reinvented and transformed.

Instant IT reinvents the way IT is developed to achieve business goals. This new approach features several characteristics important to business success.

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IT-business alignment

A transformed IT focuses on business operations and results, not software and technology, to align IT and the business.

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Custom business solutions

Instant IT® custom business applications increase IT productivity by 10,000% and reduce application costs by 60%.

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Enterprise-scale technologies

Enterprise-scale IT solutions today use best-in-class technologies like open source software, containers, Kubernetes, and data streaming. 

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IT operational simplicity

A transformed IT simplifies its operations by automating technical work, eliminating technology lock-in, and reducing IT complexity.

Why IT Must Be Transformed And Automated

After decades of technology progress IT has become, for most companies, a hodge-podge accumulation of hardware, software, platforms, systems, and applications that must be maintained and enhanced until they are, if ever, replaced.

IT complexity is “the sand that grinds all innovation to a halt” and “a significant tax on IT value.” (

Transforming IT applications, systems, technologies, and operations requires automating the technical work and processes that make legacy IT labor-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive.

Developing, supporting, maintaining, and refining IT systems is manual work performed by technical specialists. This requires IT to add people and skills whenever a new technology or application is added to the aggregation of technologies already supported. InfoNovus Instant IT automates this manual work.

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Much IT work involves moving data to make it available for systems, reporting, or analytics. Because inconsistencies exist between different sources, data is constantly being standardized, corrected, integrated, and structured as needed. InfoNovus Instant IT eliminates this work by developing unified data and rules and ensuring they are used consistently.

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For legacy IT, different technologies require different skills and locks legacy systems in to the technologies on which they operate. This results in duplication, redundancies, inconsistencies, reconciliation problems, and additional IT effort. InfoNovus Instant IT® automation avoids inconsistencies and removes technology lock-in, root causes of IT complexity, with unified data and rules and its ability to generate existing Instant IT® applications to operate using best-in-class technologies as they emerge.

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IT complexity can no longer be tolerated in a world where businesses are challenged by the pace of change. Legacy IT, like a hundred-year-old house, can only be tended to by qualified technicians. And like some old houses, legacy IT isn’t salvageable. IT simplification through InfoNovus Instant IT® automation is the strategic choice for companies going forward.

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Instant IT® Automation Focuses On Business Success

With IT transformed and automated, IT organizations can focus on supporting and improving business operations. Instant IT aligns IT fully with business operations, working with people at all levels to adapt to ever-changing market demands and opportunities.

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Process Management

A transformed IT organization is positioned to work with business leaders to manage operational processes, complete design efforts, and provide support for governance and audit activities.

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Change Management

A transformed IT organization is also positioned to provide change management support for business transformations, and ensure data and rules for applications and analytics are unified.

IT Transformation Needs Instant IT® Automation

Digital transformation has generally focused on automating work done in business operations. For IT organizations to provide support at the speed required by the business, IT leaders need to use the tools of digital transformation to deliver IT solutions.

InfoNovus Instant IT helps IT become automated, instant, and economical.