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Legacy IT Is The Major Obstacle Preventing IT-Business Alignment

Every year, SIM (Society for Information Management) performs an IT Trends Survey, and alignment of IT with the business has been a top concern for many years. It hasn't been an easy problem to fix.

The accumulation of generations of technologies used in day-to-day operations has turned into a tangled assemblage of hardware and software difficult to change. The roles played by technical disciplines, the processes they use, and the technical architectures they support have exacerbated the problem, as shown in Figure 1. 

Figure 1: The evolution and proliferation of technology options have created IT complexity

Each technology and application a company uses requires IT resources to keep it running, trouble-shoot, update, and make revisions to support new requirements. IT resources are further diluted by the sets of specific skills and capabilities needed to do this work. By its very nature, this work requires IT to focus on technologies and applications rather than business goals and operations.

Experience has shown that new technologies require technical specialists to master new skills, which adds complexity rather than simplifying the IT environment. Legacy IT, as it is today, makes IT-business alignment almost impossible. Another way of delivering applications and technology is needed if IT is ever going to be in sync with the business. 

InfoNovus Instant IT Ensures IT Aligns With The Business

InfoNovus aligns IT with the business in two important ways:

First, InfoNovus Business Design provides a rigorous way to specify business requirements digitally. This new technology captures all essential aspects of a business process, including its operational actions, user interface, data, rules, and more. It also validates Business Designs at all operational levels, generates complete detailed specification documents, and uses an ISO standard to measure the business functionality of the business design.

This focus on business processes and operational business design aligns IT completely with the business, what it does, and how it wants to operate.

Then, once a Business Design is finished, validated for completeness and accuracy, and approved, InfoNovus Instant IT® computer-generated applications and analytics are generated. The application generation process analyzes the business design to determine the database schema that best supports the application and the optimal structure of the application for an elastic, cloud-based application.

InfoNovus Instant IT produces IT applications that serve the way the business needs to operate in minutes, not in months or years.

The cycle begins again when the business changes, as shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2: IT-Business Alignment with InfoNovus

InfoNovus Instant IT® Business Design combined with computer-generated applications and analytics transforms IT processes and practices.

Achieve IT-Business Alignment By Automating IT

InfoNovus Instant IT provides applications that work the exact way the business wants to operate; application development without any IT resource, time, or skills issues; and IT technology and applications at a manageable cost.

InfoNovus Instant IT makes IT responsive, business-driven, and no longer an obstacle to satisfying dynamic business needs.

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Digital Disruption of IT

InfoNovus reinvents the way applications are developed and delivered. With InfoNovus, IT will support business uniqueness, provide application and analytic solutions on demand, and create legacy-free, future-proof applications.

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Instant IT

Legacy IT, which Forbes calls digital’s biggest obstacle, is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive. It limits the possibilities for innovation and change in every business. InfoNovus Instant IT® lets IT organizations become automated, instant, and economical.

Business Design Is A Diagrammatic Process That Aligns IT With The Business

Legacy IT is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive. It limits the possibilities for innovation and change in every business. IT must become automated, instant, and economical in order to be aligned with the business. Instant IT® Business Designis a diagrammatic method that serves as a common language about how the company operates that ensures IT alignment with the business.

Instant IT automates IT, aligns IT with the business, and satisfies business's IT needs.