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Support For Instant IT® Business Design

InfoNovus has two types of support for Instant IT Business Design Manager (BDM) issues.

The first is resolving Business Design problems in the BDM. To communicate a problem to InfoNovus, simply click on ‘Report a Bug’ in the BDM and let us know what the problem is. As a browser-based application, few problems should occur but when they do we will address them promptly.

The second type of support is for “how-to” questions. Coaching by an InfoNovus BDM specialist is available as well, as is ongoing assistance. Have your company’s designated Customer Representative / Instant IT License Administrator contact us to arrange these.

Support For Instant IT® Computer-generated Applications 

Our goal is to deliver zero-defect software for the fail-safe operation of your business and we strive to achieve this goal. To ensure our computer-generated software operates properly, we contractually provide a test and acceptance period to validate the proper operation of the application software. We also monitor, as does your company’s Operations Manager, the operation and performance of Instant IT applications in order to ensure the application works correctly.

In the case where support to fix a software problem is required, either during testing or in production, each client is provided with a direct line to an InfoNovus support manager for resolution of the software problem.