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Transforming IT With Instant IT

Automating IT means computerizing legacy IT processes and technical work.

This begins with converting the typical business requirements process into an innovative Business Design process, which leads to automating programming and development of applications and analytics.

Business design for aligning operations with business goals

Business design focuses IT on the company and how it operates so IT can effectively apply technology and automation precisely as the business needs.

Computer-generated applications and analytics

Computer-generated applications and analytics obviate the need for technicians to develop, test, and maintain business applications and analytics.

Unified data and rules for applications and analytics

Unified data and rules provide one source of truth for Instant IT® applications and analytics, eliminating redundant and inconsistent data.

Management, control, and governance

Management, control, and governance are necessary elements for reinventing and overseeing dynamic business processes and the rules and data they use.

Instant IT® automation begins with Business Design and a focus on a company's operational processes, rules, and data to manage its tasks, skills, and work organization.  

Instant IT Solves Four Core IT Problems

Automation won’t immediately make IT better. IT needs to be transformed so it can take full advantage of automation. Reinventing IT means changing IT-specific processes and practices with the objective of solving existing IT problems.

InfoNovus helps companies solve the following core IT problems.

Eliciting accurate business requirements has been the number one cause of problems with IT projects for decades. In general, business requirement documentation lacks specificity and rigor. Instant IT® Business Design solves this problem by clarifying business goals and specifying how the operations work is done.

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IT methods for application delivery are too slow and expensive. This problem includes Agile development, Low-Code/No-Code, and other methodologies and SDLCs that describe how IT people do work. Instant IT® computer-generated applications solve this problem by automating technical work IT people do.

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Legacy systems and applications are locked in to the technologies on which they operate, and sustaining them day-to-day typically consumes about 80% of IT personnel and financial resources. This limits IT’s ability to update applications and technologies or incorporate new ones into business operations at the pace of marketplace change. Instant IT minimizes the demand on technical skills by automating application development and utilizing best-in-class technologies without technology lock-in.

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Legacy applications are locked in to the technologies on which they operate. This is a reality of IT applications – they only operate on the technologies for which they were built. InfoNovus solves the problem of technology lock-in with the capability to regenerate Instant IT® applications designed to use a new technology. This simplifies IT by helping it keep all Instant IT® applications running on current enterprise-scale technologies.

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InfoNovus Instant IT Delivers Business Value

Value to the business is what Instant IT® automation delivers. Quickly-produced, ready-to-use business applications provide immediate benefits and help company operations be adaptable and agile. Automating IT application development allows applications to be as unique as a business needs and lowers their cost of ownership as well.

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Speed to Market

Instant IT® automation instantly delivers an application that supports the exact way the business wants to operate, provides immediate business benefits, eliminates inconsistent data and rules, and avoids technology lock-in.

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Reduced IT Costs

InfoNovus reduces the total cost of ownership for Instant IT® applications by about 60% and bases all Instant IT® Business Design and computer-generated application fees on an International Standards Organization measure of an application based on its business functionality.

Instant IT Is The Strategic Choice For Digital Business

Legacy IT is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive. IT must become automated, instant, and economical. The differences between legacy and automated IT are clear. Instant IT is the strategic choice for IT leaders to transform IT so it can enable their company's digital and business transformations.

Every company needs IT automation. The best choice is InfoNovus Instant IT.